“…In works from the standard repertoire- Mozart’s Sonatain A major and Brahms’s Three

Intermezzi op. 117-Gormezano displayed sensitivity, delicate nuances of dynamics and

convincingly placed emphatic accentuations…” (The Jerusalem post, 1999)

“… energetic self-confidence and crystalline clarity…”

“…the skill of breathing with the music…”

(GEMS, Freiburg)

“…with powerful grasp and intensive forming willpower, she radiates great confidence and

calmness-the basis for her entire personal gift of interpretation.”

“…Nut already today, Marietta Gormezano’s piano playing is of an unmistakably individual


“… this extremely fragile young lady amazed us with her astonishing intensity and proved that

sonority not only depends on physical strength but ratger on an inward perception of sound


(Wiesbadener Kurier magazine, Piano recital by Marietta in the Villa Clementine- review )

“… Marietta Gormezano retained concentrated tension every moment, her strong and vivacious

force of expression could continuously be perceived.”

(Stuttgarter Zeitung magazine, classical concert review)

“… in the interpretation of the Preludes (Chopin Preludes op.28) we felt in every tones the

intensive and deeply-felt joy and sympathy of the artist for the misic –the inspiration imparted by

a masterly pianist”.

“…The conclusion of the concert consisted of the “Impromptus” op.29, 36, 51 and 66 by

Chopin. These brief piano pieces were rendered by her so very much in harmony with the soul

of Chopin and his craving for depth, that they were one of the most beautiful examples of the

artistic interpretation by Gormezano….”

( Shalom, Turkish magazine)

“Standing ovations for our artist in her concert in Stuttgart…”

“The pianist Gormezano captivated the audience”


“Marietta Gormezano is a pianist of very remarkable quality. This became evident on the

occasion of her concert in Kehl which was exceptionally well-attended. This time, she played

without any handicap, contrary to her concert last January which she had to break off on account

of injuries suffered as result of a fall. Although she had on that accession already played the

Mozart Adagio in B minor , KV 540, in a fascinating manner , this time she better still and even

stronger in expressive eloquence. She appeared to be in perfect harmony with this music…”

“In her rendering of the Beethoven Piano Sonata in D major, Opus 10, No.3, Marietta

Gormezano proved herself as an artist of high quality. Her technique is excellent and

demonstrates great self-confidence. Indeed, she not only makes notes resound, she lets the

mighty spirit of Beethoven became alive.”

(Kehler Zeitung)

“Marietta Gormezano is a very talented pianist who has a brilliant technique as well as highly

developed sense of musicality.

She is a major artistic personality.

Her playing is characterized by an archetypal manner of expression, a profound sound and an

understanding of formal linkages which are combined with an amazing range of colors making

out of her music her very own world of interpretation.”

(prof. Milko Kelemen)

“I was always impressed by her seriousness, dedication and her musical and pianistic abilities. I

think that her coming to the country added not only one good pianist but also a special type of

musical personality not very often heard.

(prof. André Hajdu)